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A new tax year

A mid all the current COVID-19 chaos, there are some "normal" new tax year items to be aware of.

Some key ones are summarised below however this is not an extensive list, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

For tax year 2020/2021

Personal Allowance threshold £12,500 (consistent)

National Insurance threshold £9,500 (increased from £8,632)

National Living Wage Age 25+ £8.72

National Minimum Wage Age 21-24 £8.20

National Minimum Wage Age 18 -20 £6.45

National Minimum Wage Under 18 £4.55

Apprentice Wage £4.15

Lifetimes Pension Allowance £1,073,000

State Pension will increase by 3.9%

Graduate earnings before starting to repay student loan £26,575

Junior ISA savings £9,000

Inheritance tax nil band rate remains at £325,000

Landlords can no longer deduct mortgage expenses from their rental income, but will instead receive a tax credit based on 20% of their interest payments

Landlords will also be affected by changes to Capital Gains Tax which will see a shorted payment window, changes to lettings relief and changes to principal residence relief.

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